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Album releases to look out for in 2011…or the few things keeping me sane this year.

May 28, 2011

I’ve been kind of disappointed by this year’s general artistic output – movies & music. For example, Lupe Fiasco’s record label driven Lasers and Radiohead’s lullaby of an album, King of Limbs. I made sure to wake up at the butt crack of dawn for Radiohead’s new album release via digital download (and I guiltily torrented it) as most people did. To much surprise though, I was extremely disappointed. Their album, though melodic and chill, was just too blase and missing all the crescendos and climaxes of In Rainbows and Kid A. Lotus Flower is just a teeny bit catchy and the video itself is viral, no thanks to Thom Yorke’s bad dancing, but that’s about the extent of King of Limb‘s appeal, in my opinion.

Thom, keep your day job please.

But I hope that things will get better and the year will save the best for last.

I’m crossing my fingers for the following albums:

Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys – 5/31

The Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live – 5/31

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See – 6/6

Lil Wayne – The Carter IV – 6/21  (They keep pushing this back so I’m really hoping this will be a lot better than his last album.)

LMFAO – Sorry for Party Rocking – 6/21  (Solely anticipating their beats for me to hear in dance clubs.)

Beyonce – 4 – 6/28  (I personally will not be downloading this album after hearing the massacre made out of mixing the genius beats of Major Lazer for her new song “Run the World (Girls).” Just putting this one on my list for all fairness.)

Incubus – If Not Now, When? – 7/12  (Used to geek out over these guys but if Brandon Boyd doesn’t grow back some balls and their music improve from Crow Left of the Murder and on, the when? So far, it seems so-so from listening to “Adolescents.”)

311 – Universal Pulse – 7/19

CSS (Cansei Ser Sexi) – La Liberacion – 8/29  (Just in time for my birthday! Originally got into them because of their song about DFA and, well, their just so darn cute. But after seeing these energized Karen-O-esque Brazilians put on an awesome show in ATX I will definitely be counting down for this album.)

The Rapture – Grace of Your Love – 9/6  (Have always been a guilty pleasure of mine after Pieces of the People we Love.)

Albums with TBA release dates:

– Red Hot Chili Peppers (This should prove to be VERY interesting since Flea is studying music theory at USC.)

– Portishead (Hopefully this will be a major improvement from the album THIRD.)

– Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch the Throne (Automatic WIN…duh!)

– Santigold (The ‘Creator’ of another bad ass album? We shall see.)

– Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

– Beck

– Metallica (Said to have started writing but don’t know if they’ll release this year.)

– Primus

– Rage Against the Machine

– Tool

– The Mars Volta (MAYBE a new drummer and Omar getting out his wahoo’s by releasing a plethora of individual stuff will somehow result in a great new album.)

– U2 (ONLY because Danger Mouse is supposed to be working with them on one of their projects.)

– Tenacious D (I have an unnatural affinity for Jack Black.)


– Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke + Flea)

– Blakroc – Blakroc 2 (I LOVE Dan Aurbach!)

– Common – The dreamer, the believer

– Franz Ferdinand

– Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 – Give ’til it’s gone

– Jamiroquai – Rock Dust Light Star

– Outkast (Can they top Big Boi’s latest album????)

The London Souls (Why can’t they just release the album to the public already and make their fantastical New York music more accessible? *le sigh*)

MF DOOM/Ghostface Killah – Swift & Changeable (Could be a rumor, considering this was supposed to be released years ago. This album’s arrival, unlike the title name, is not so swift.)

– Mike Jones – Expect the Unexpected (Simply Htown representin’)

– The Dillinger Escape Plan – (possible EP this year or full album by next year)

– Kyuss [Lives!]  (I know what your thinking, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?!” Yeah, of course it’s going to be with Nick Oliveri and without Josh Homme, but they’re rumored to reunite for a new album.)

– D’Angelo (Supposed to be for real this time.)

– Q-Tip – The Last Zulu

– Pusha T (He spit some stuff on Kanye’s new album and was signed to Mr. West’s music label so it should be at least a tad interesting.)

– Esthero – Everything is Expensive

– Megadeth

– Tupac Shakur (…He’s totally still alive and rapping.)

-Coldplay (I can only take their music in small doses but I respect their musicianship. I’m looking forward to their show at ACL in September, heard it’s always entertaining.)

-Missy Elliott – Block Party (This woman undeniably and always has mad skills.)

-Dr. Dre – Detox (The anticipation is killing me.)

– The Shins

– Gym Class Heroes (This one’s for all the hipsters.)

…So, there it is. 2011, thank you for holding off the apocalypse until all of these albums get released.


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