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Thank you QotSA…thank you.

May 28, 2011

This appeared on Queens of the Stone Age’s FB feed 5 days ago and I asked myself “Why the f**k have I never heard them before?!”

Truckfighters, a Swedish stoner rock band, have been rockin’ good and hard since 2001. Just downloaded their full album discography (Gravity X, Phi, and their 2009 release Mania). I am still getting over my recent stumble upon them – all I can say is “WOW.” Very good mixes of hard hitting toms, fuzz, distortion, gritty vocals and progressive solos with some more softer and straightforward melodies on a few of their songs. They keep an ever charging momentum in every single song and I haven’t grown bored of their sound. I hear a lot of The Sword, Kyuss, and Queens of the Stone Age in this band and imagine this will be a new obsession of mine. I would have loved to have seen them tour with Fu Manchu. Genius shit, I say…genius f**king shit.

Do yourself a BIG favor, peep these viddies and go download/buy their stuff, NOW!

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