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Look at this f**king hipster….

June 3, 2011

No, really, look at this f**king hipster and video.

Thanks to a RCD LBL free mp3 post I checked out this band, JEFF The Brotherhood, from Nashville, TN. At first look I was hesitant to listen any further – the drummer sometimes plays with a hipster fake beard complimenting the singer/guitarist whose staple is playing with only three strings while wearing a raccoon tail on his pants’ pocket imitating Ted Nugent.  But beyond the facade, they have a lot of musicality and are darn catchy. Though I’m not a huge fan of the singer’s vocals. You should take the time to look up the rest of their music which can range from sludge to more mellow surfer rock sounds. They’ve been categorized up there with Best Coast but I refuse to do so. I’ll compromise for them resembling the Black Lips, simply because I think they’re both reminiscent of the Vines’ singer Craig Nicholls and his demeanor as well as sounding similar to the Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano. But NOT Best Coast.

Unfortunately they only have one “official” music video  (that I could find) on youtube and no torrented albums whatsoever. Would have been cool to have caught them at the most recent SXSW in 2011, *le sigh.*

Sorry that it isn’t the best of quality music video but it was hard to find an official video of “Heavy Days.”

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