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Hump Day Update Overload!

June 9, 2011

I know, I know, it’s already technically Thursday, but…

  • Beyone working with Kanye West & Andre 3000? First reaction: “SAWEEEEEEET!”  So, I jumped on over to 2DOPEBOYZ and the song is kind of only “eh” in my opinion. I expected a lot more momentum. However, I think she may have redeemed her slaughter of Major Lazer sampling, from much thanks to Mr. West and Andre 3000.  Check out the song, ‘Party,’  over here.
  • Time to give Pitchfork some credit again: Today, they posted news (via Arts & Crafts) about Stars releasing a demo collection , The Bedroom Demos. Oooh-la-la. I missed them last year at Houston Free Press no thanks to a nasty stomach bug but their music is awesome. This demo release should be pretty interesting. For those who missed their live shows and rare demos, good news, you can stream The Bedroom Demos HERE at AUX  TVs website.
  • Do you like R&B? Well head over to Radio Killa Records to hear two new songs by The Dream. Raunchy FTW (Do i hear a little wanna-be-Prince-ness in this, or is it just me?)
  • So Adult Swim has introduced an online series that releases new tracks from artists. Singles Program, which sounds like an oversimplified and uncreative dating service, is Adult Swim’s musical 10 singles in 10 weeks (honestly, that’s kind of stingy). Good news is Mastadon will be  a part of this. Bad news is they partnered with Kia, eww, and a bunch of crappy artists are also going to be on this series. To see each week’s release you can go HERE and cross your fingers that it’s a good release week. This week: Ford and Lopatin’s Too Much Midi – Maybe I just have Prince on the mind, but it’s very satisfyingly synth heavy and The Revolution-ish.
  • James Franco, actor turned musician? I was already sold with his performance on Howl. But he’s topped that and possibly getting more appreciation from the gay community by teaming up with Kalup Linzy for a dance album. You can check out the article HERE via Stereogum or take a peep at his performance with artist/actor/dragqueen/singer, Linzy, HERE on YouTube.
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