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Happy Hump Day!

June 15, 2011

“Tip of the hat” to Kanye and Nas:

  • Kanye’s “new” song which didn’t make it onto My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sounds legit (and that’s just from one listen on messed up computer speakers at work).  Download it for free here at the ROSEWOOD/GOOD Music blog or stream through (gag) Pitchfork here.
  • Nas’ new single, ‘Nasty’ produced by Salaam Remi, from his anticipated upcoming album, Life Is Good, can be downloaded here via Rap Radar or you can stream it from Pitchfork here. Nas ALWAYS goes hard, despite some previous sell outs.

“Wag of the finger” at Lil Wayne…

  • Lil Wayne is being sued…again…and three times in one week…for music right infringements. One of the three lawsuits involves Weezy unlawfully sampling Funkadelic (whom I LOVE so this disappoints me) without buying the right to do so, tisk tisk. You can read about it over at FACT.

I think the 'F' in Weezy F Baby is going to start standing for pleading the "Fiiiiifth" (in my Chapelle voice).

In other exciting news:

  • TV on the Radio collaborates with Tinariwen. Read about it and watch an awesome video over at Pitchfork.
  • New Flying Lotus remixes, yay, on Soundcloud.
  • Weird Al – not a huge enthusiast of his stuff but seeing this headline over at Stereogum  has made me want to humor his new album.
  • Basement Jaxx + Dutch Orchestra, Metropole Orkest = Awesome. Stream HERE via Pitchfork.
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