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Good News and Bad News

June 16, 2011

Bad news first:

  • Disregard part of my post below and web wide concerning Kanye’s new song “Momma’s Boyfriend (a.k.a. Momma’s Boy).” Apparently, the song was ripped by someone who had taken the vocal track previously leaked (by Kanye on his website before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was released) and layered it on top of their own non-Kanye beats. It’s kind of funny because a lot of pro-critics and bloggers were saying that it was a perfect fit to the MBDT Fantasy sessions. You can read about it over HERE via Billboard. I’m really surprised that Kanye only expressed being “disappointed” and would take legal “prosecution.” After seeing the Monster video I would think he’d be using a bit more harsh dialogue and some doing major ass-kicking.

    ...Unless this is what he meant by "prosecution."

Good news is:

  • METALLICA + Lou Reed = Collaborative LP with TBA date! Words can’t describe the awesomeness. So I’ll let Metallica’s website  do the talking.
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