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Tight Tuesdays

June 21, 2011
  • Don’t ever double dare Freddie Gibbs to do anything…because he’ll do it. Gibbs is scheduled to start recording a full album starting tomorrow and complete it in a 24 hour period. He’s done these 24 hour projects and LPs before, and they’ve been the s**t. Talk about working best under pressure. You can read about it over at HipHop DX. Ustream is set to stream the entire recording process. Also be sure to check out his trailer for the new mixtape.


  • I love Curren$y collabs…and the late 80s movie Weekend At Bernie’s was a pleasurably guilty movie fave of mine. So I thought it was utterly tight and very fitting to have heard that Curren$y was actually syncing up his album “Weekend at Bernie’s” with the actual movie. You can view this over at Ustream.

Drizzy Drake, that's not how you do the "Bernie!"

  • Drake releases another awesome song  “Trust Issues,” which you can download HERE on his blog. I never have trust issues with his music, that’s for sure.


  • I super really wished I lived on the West Coast right about now, not solely due to the hot Texas weather rather, because Pelican’s starting to tour again and kicking it off in California with the Power of the Riff fest. CHECK IT.
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