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“…As much testosterone as a neutured poodle”

June 28, 2011

…Is what NY Daily News columnist, Jim Farber, describes modern pop-music and men to possess in today’s “Stop being so sensitive! Burly men become girly men, turning pop music into a wuss-case scenario” article.

I love it! Finally, someone who agrees with me that the so-called “romanticism” of today’s hipster music (along with other societal problems, in my opinion) is causing males to adopt a lot more androgynous characteristics turning them into “wussies.” Farber does a great job at not just completely bashing the indie music scene and listeners but explaining how macho is out of today’s picture, no thanks to the same music. I want to know, as well, where all the “brute” music disappeared to. And as he mentioned, if you want to get any sense of manhood back you should attend the Big Four tour on Sept. 14, in New York,  with “no less rippling a crew than Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth.” (Though I’m 100% female, I’d even hustle some corners just to attend this, anyone would be crazy not to!)

I love his rant on Bon Iver and the picture he uses of Grizzly Bear (which does not look “grizzly” whatsoever).

photo taken from Grizzly Bear Facts .Info

This seemingly harmless gay posing real grizzly bear is more "grizzly" than the band Grizzly Bear. Fact.

Farber was a little misguided in his “creeping wimpification” opinions of Kanye West “paving the way” for more sensitive artists, however (prep yourself for my personal biases). Granted, a lot of the musical styling has been adapted by the mentioned Drake and Kid Cudi, Kanye (and arguably Cudi) is by no means a wuss. Stubborn ass, yes. Wuss, no. He is indeed self-reflective, critical, and conscious, but he does so in a very cocky and vocally powerful manner. His music is always hard-hitting even in his most hipster-esque album, 808s. For example despite the style shift and overwhelming auto-tune usage, the song Amazing was macho to the max with straight-forward lyrics such as “I’m amazing,” “…no matter what you’ll never take that from me,” “I’m a monster, I’m a killer,” “…I’m the only thing I’m afraid of…” etc. Could it get any more manly and self-assured than that. Hardly. Of course, his song Welcome to Heartbreak wasn’t the epitome of rugged manhood but it was still very pimp implicit.

Regardless, Farber hit everything spot on and if I could I’d give him a big high-five right about now.

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