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Case of the Mondays on a Tuesday

June 28, 2011

THIS is how Justin Vernon, or any hipster for that matter, should sing.

Well after long overdue vacation and internet hiatus I want to start off by saying… can someone please mute Bon Iver? He’s everywhere and I’m tired of it. His stuff is “meh” and his voice is insufferable. But enough of my anti-hipster whining. Here’s a recap of what you may have missed since Wednesday because I sure did:

  • Drizzy’s new song, Marvin’s Room, gets a video. Check it out on Drake’s blog.
  • Short film Scenes from the Suburbs, directed by Spike Jonze and available to view HERE, for what I imagine will be a limited amount of time, will be available on a reissue of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs in August.
  • New Bjork via Disco Naivete’.
  • Trent Reznor made a helluva impression on David Fincher because The Social Network‘s Fincher will be writing a miniseries based off of NIN’s Year Zero. Read about it HERE via Hollywood Reporter.
  • Cocaine 80s = new project by No I.d. and Common. I just saw the post and haven’t read into it but updates will be coming soon as I LOVE Common. You can stream one of their songs, Summer Madness, HERE.
  • New video posted by Curren$y HERE via Fader.
  • Freddie Gibbs partially fulfilled his 24hour/1record promise as an EP was produced and one of the tracks, “Rap Money,” can be listened to HERE.
  • New The Kills video/song “Future Starts Slow” can be viewed via YouTube and HERE on Pitchfork (gag). Will be released digitally with a B side track today. Can’t wait for their whole album to drop!
  • Santigold reports her new album to be near completion. Tight! Going to get out my dancing shoes…and more updates over her album drop soon to come.
  • Get out some psychedelics because Explosions in the Sky released their first official video…ever. View HERE via Wired
  • SPIN posts a top 25 albums of 2011 so far list…and it sucks. It’s basically every popular album released so far in the year. Good albums made the list like expected, however, crappy albums did too. Ex: Pj Harvey & Fleet Foxes, nuff said. Stereogum released a top 26 metal albums of 2011 so far list, and it’s infinitely better.
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