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Thrilling Thursdays

June 30, 2011

…I have an obvious  affinity towards alliteration BTW….

Some exciting updates for today:

  • Of Montreal released a new (and NSFW ) video today for a new song, “L’age D’or,” from thecontrollersphere EP. It’s hella sexy, beyond visually stimulating, and made me want to dance during the A.M. at work. I found it hilarious that it’s a hard to find video (wasn’t even on Of Montreal’s website as of this morning) but was available HERE on, which misspelled “Of Montreal” as “Of Monteal” (missing the “R”). They later corrected it…I’m sure someone pointed out their hipster idiocy.
  • According to G.O.O.D. Music’s CyHi the Prince, Jay-Z and Kanye’s album, Watch the Throne, is “ready to go,” despite a couple of delays in release dates. You can read about it over at MTV(glad to see they’re still covering music). The release is rumored for this Monday, July 4th. Ecstatic to have that holiday off.

    Minus the MJ head and fireworks, due to Texas drought restrictions, this is TOTALLY what my Fourth of July should look like

  • Treat your ears to a “New (Old) song”, called “German Elephant Killer,” by Major Lazer. In order to listen, go to Major Lazer’s Facebook page and “like” their page. Kudos, Switch & Diplo, on good marketing technique. Just be ready to do some Major (Lazer) dancing.
  • Stereogum writes a “Progress Report” and gets an interview with Flea, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ugh, this just makes me anticipate their album even more. Though Frusciante’s gone, Flea’s schooling at University of South California -L.A. and the return from 5 year hiatus of former Stadium Arcadium  should make for a very interesting and rockin’ new album.
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