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No one cares that…

July 1, 2011

…that remixes of crappy songs from a crappy album are being released practically every day, Thom Yorke! Look, I LOVE Love love Radiohead, but King of Limbs was a big disappointment and I don’t need to see continuous news of remixes to be reminded. However, if you disagree and liked King of Limbs (as more than just an album to put you into deep sleep R.E.M. at night) then you can check out the ongoing King of Limbs tracks remix updates over at Pitchfork.

...for waiting months in extreme anticipation of a crappy album to burst my bubble....Yeah, you're NOT welcome

I do, however, care (and am quite excited) that:

  •  Soulwax has created a radio station, Radio Soulwax – “it’s a radio station, but not as you know it,” according to their website. Instead of putting out just another album they created an innovative, accessible, and FREE way to share their awesomely awesome music (with corresponding visuals btw = tight!). On their station they will play a 24hr mix playlist of new music, on loop, everyday and will release a new mix list once a week. To top it, “every hour has a different musical and visual theme. ” Crazy cool.
  • Get out your dancing shoes – Justice had released their official track list for their second upcoming album. You can take a peek over at Stereogum’s article HERE. It’s kind of a major tease since there aren’t any new vids to follow-up yet.
  • I am curious and anticipating getting home to listen to this since Stereogum used the term “Prince-y” (I love Prince) to describe electro duo Inc.’s previous track, “Swear.” Head over to download their new track, “Millionairess.”
  • Erykah’s Baduism should be renamed Badassism. Why? Because Miss Badu has become a part time DJ – stage name, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown. Get the scoop on her (“dance-oriented”)mixtape and/or possible project with Flying Lotus HERE on Tiny Mix Tapes
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