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BEWARE: You may head bang to this

July 14, 2011

Mastodon reveals a tid bit of their new song, “Black Tongue,” on the trailer for their upcoming album The Hunter. It sounds anything but disappointing…and almost Brandon Smalls-ish or something he would use for a brutal montage during a Metalocalypse scene.

…And if that s**t’s too heavy for ya, get over it. Here’s something to come down to: Fugazi + Wu-Tang Clan = Wugazi. I heard the mash up song, “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me,” and wasn’t too impressed. But then I heard the person who mixed the two albums released a full mixtape, “13Chambers,” to download for FREE. I took a listen and the album in its entirety is pretty rad. You can check it out Wugazi mixtape via SoundCloud stream or  download the whole album HERE on Consequence of Sound.

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