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“I invented swag…”

July 22, 2011

…says Jay-Z on their redemption song, “Otis.” I think “H.A.M.” was a bit too (okay, a lot) contrived and not enough Kanye. But, the sampling of Otis redding’s “Try a little tenderness” was definitely groovy. Good lyrics, great beat. Stream “Otis” over at Jay-Z’s website, Life + Times.

More awesome news:

  • Mastodon talks about their upcoming album, The Hunter, with Rolling Stone magazine. Sounds like some good shit. I’m geeking out because Rolling Stone describes one of their songs, “Curl of the Burl,” as a “deep-grooved rocker in the Queens of the Stone Age mold….” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

...Yeup...this is my happy dance too.

  • Beautiful songstress, Feist, posts a teaser video on her website promoting the awesome new sounds for her upcoming album.
  • Diplo of Major Lazer is apparently is not only skilled in many musical aspects, including collaborations, but also in sarcasm. Read about it and about Major Lazer teaming up with No Doubt over at Stereogum.
  • AGAIN, another day of coincidence. No doubt collab, jamming old Bush albums in the car all day and CoS posts the new Bush song, “The Sound of Winter” from their forthcoming album, The Sea of Memories. However, if by “sound of winter” you’re talking about whether or not they were close to hitting the mark, they were indeed cold like winter. They were FAR off from “classic Bush” sounds. Not enough rawness or distortion, too studio production polished, and something about Gavin Rossdale’s vocals is off-putting-ly different, but maybe it’s just age. Okay, so maybe this isn’t such awesome news. You can take a listen HERE at Consequence of Sound. Then, you can do you own comparisons to a much more awesome and younger Bush song, “Testosterone,” below (17 years really does make a difference, imo):
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