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What’s wrong with this f**king picture? (Part 1)

August 2, 2011

Well, we all know what's wrong with this f**king picture. Thank jeebus Texas' hipsters don't all look like this!

I’m starting a new installment on my blog, if not permanently, at least temporarily. I’ve seen so many hilarious hipster updates and videos these past weeks that, instead of overtly making fun of them, I will let y’all (and by y’all I mean the probable three people only reading this blog) identify and mock the craziness in current hipster affairs via posts, pictures, videos, or what have you. So feel free to share, comment, “LOL,” and partake in whatever sarcastic manner you please. Today’s WWWTFP includes a new video by iamamiwhoami’s new video “Clump” and an old post, that has, disturbingly, stuck with me about Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway, and his new European hobby(?)/project.

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