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Totally Metal Tuesday

August 17, 2011
  • F**k YES! Black Sabbath semi-reunion album AND tour?! Maybe, but hopefully. Read HERE.
  • SPIN, is for once doing something awesome lately – They’re streaming CSS’s new album La Liberacion in whole over on their website. Their album drops August 22nd. Okay so this isn’t “Metal” related news but the fact that they’re streaming this album is so brutal in itself. (Disclaimer to Metal heads: I wouldn’t click on the CSS link, unless you like Brazillian electro-pop artists that in no way sound Metal.)
  • Mastodon releases new single “Curl of the Burl.” Check it out via CoS. Or watch full video below (beware it kind of made me dizzy). I’m actually not that impressed about it but simply excited for the remainder of their album. I got a little too stoked when this song was described as Queens of the Stone Age-ish before I even heard it (in which it doesn’t really sound reminiscent of QotSA). Regardless, it makes me want to blast that shit real loud and prance about my room slightly headbanging.
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