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Put some Foo into your Monday

August 30, 2011

So considering my unhealthy obsession with anything Dave Grohl and/or Queens of the Stone Age I, of course, just had to post this. The guys from Foo Fighters released a NSFW video, called “Hot Buns,” promoting their North American tour and…well, subsequently their asses. If you like showering truckers, bare Foo, or simply have a great sense of humor click on that link for the uncensored version (you’ll have to connect through FB). You can also see the censored version via Youtube below:


On that note, if your a true Foo Fighters fan don’t do like Wavves. They put out a new song, “I wanna Meet Dave Grohl” that you can go check out at CoS. And quite frankly if I were Dave Grohl, this song would not make me want to meet you, Wavves. I may be biased, because I don’t like Wavves, but this song isn’t very Grohl-ish.


THIS is “Dave Grohl” in it’s true form, however:


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