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So sorry….

September 21, 2011

If you don't get this picture reference, then sucks for you. You need some more South Park in your life....

I deeply apologize for being M.I.A. these past, nearly, two weeks due to full-time graduate school, (throwing fits for not being able to attend this year’s ACL, after all AND accidentally missing a Gary Clark Jr. show in San Antonio, Tx), full-time work, and semi-joining new bands then quitting them abruptly. Despite using extreme sleep deprivation as an excuse I haven’t missed too much of anything that’s noteworthy in the musical world. What I have missed, and maybe even you too, is:

  • Frank Ocean keeps on doing what he does best…everything. I’m LOVING the new song/video for “Swim Good.”
  • Daft Punk disappoints and releases an unreleased 1994 song, “Drive,” which, in my opinion, sounds like a drunken house D.J. regurgitated an old DAFT PUNK song after too many Jack & Cokes.
  • I get mixed feelings over teaser clip of a Lou Reed & Metallica song from Lulu. Check it via CoS.
  • I have put “streaming Mastodon’s ‘The Hunter’…” on my to-do list of study breaks. You should too.
  • …And if you couldn’t get enough of Frank Ocean, peep his video for his hypnotic song (and personal fave) “Thinking About You.”

Well…I’ll see you in another few days…or weeks.

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