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Dave Grohl + new sitcom?!?!?!

February 3, 2012

Dave Grohl has an obvious funny bone, as previously seen in Hot Buns and Fresh Pots. But he’s taking it a step futher, reportedly via Deadline, in the form of producing a FX sitcom with the writing/actor of Dana Gould (voice acted on some Simpsons episodes a long with other funnies). This sitcom apparently “centers on a rock band on the verge of mega-stardom who finds itself on the verge of breaking up and is forced to seek professional help in a last-ditch effort to stay together. Unfortunately, they end up with a misanthropic couple’s therapist from Agoura on the brink of divorce.” Sounds like a less brutal version of Metalocalypse (which, on a side note, I am desparately waiting for it to return to Adult Swim). No set dates of when to quite look out for this Dave Grohl – Dan Gould creation, but considering how obsessed I am with QotSA I will keep an eye out for y’all.

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